Types of Timber

The type of timber you choose can dramatically change the look and style of your deck. There’s a wide range of wood species appropriate for outdoor use, including Treated Pine, Cypress Pine, and several hardwood types. Some varieties have slight advantages over others, but ultimately, you should choose the timber that best suits that look you want as well as the constraints of your budget. The type of wood you choose can affect the final price of your deck by approximately 25%. Here are some choices to consider for your timber deck:

  • Hardwoods: Native Australian hardwoods are an excellent choice for decking because of their high rigidity, durability, and ability to resist attack by fungi and insects. They are specifically well-suited for the natural conditions of Australia’s climate. Common hardwood decking species include Yellow Balau, Kwila/Merbau and Spotted Gum. (Click on images below to view full size version)
  • ModWood: Made from recycled wood and plastic, ModWood composite products look great for the long-term without the cost and hassle of the regular re-painting and staining required by natural timber.   (Click on image below to view full size version) 
  • Treated Pine: Treated pine decking’s two main advantages are its low price and the consistency of each piece of timber. If you’re looking to create the look of expensive hardwood on a limited budget, treated pine is the ideal alternative! It can easily be stained in any tone or color to give you a finish that suits your design scheme.