Construction Process

At I’ll Deck You, Tony involves his clients with every step of the building process. We offer a full array of services to take your from the planning stages through to final construction. Here’s what you can expect when working with Tony and his team:
  • Consultation: Tony will meet with you so that you can let him know exactly what you want from your project in regards to size, material, finishes, and any other details. 
  • Design: Tony and our design team will draw up a plan based on your personalized requirements and budget.
  • Council Approval: We’ll obtain all necessary approvals and permits for the project. 
  • Buying: We will order all the required top-quality materials for your build.
  • Building: Your project will be built from the ground up using only the best materials.
  • Finishing: Tony and his professional team will treat (oil, stain, paint) the deck to maintain its finish and beauty.
  • Enjoy: This part’s on you. Invite friends and family over for a BBQ and enjoy the glory of outdoor living!